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Hi there! Good to see that you want to read something more about me and The Bright Side Story. 

I am Sanne, a 28 years old Dutch woman living in Den Bosch; a vibrant city in eastern Netherlands. In June 2020 I graduated from my bachelor in Communication and 2 weeks later I started with The Bright Side Story. From day 1 I've been able to work full-time for my own business. In my first year I created logos and business illustrations for over 50 Dutch and Belgian entrepreneurs. In 2021 I created more than 150 logos and sublogos for entrepreneurs all over Europe. Drawing was always a common thread from the very beginning of my childhood. Every hour was spent on creative projects and all creative school subjects were my favorite. I grew up in a small village on the countryside and I had a very peaceful childhood. Therefore I chose this boho- and flower-like drawing style when I started with The Bright Side Story. This style reflects who I am and what I like the most in life. 


The Bright Side Story was founded out of a passion to help you as an entrepreneur with the most unique hand-drawn...


The Bright Side Story offers 3 branding packages to help creative powerhouses at any stage of their business with an outstanding branding. You can start with a perfect base (the Starter pack) or go all in with the Premium pack. You can customize your package with add-ons to make sure you get the most out of your branding pack! 



Branding Base pack #2

Branding Premium pack #3

The Branding Base pack is the most chosen one of the 3 branding packs. This package is for the entrepreneur who wants to make a start with a strong recognizable base for their business. It includes key elements that are necessary for creating a consistent and cohesive visual branding strategy and is definitely worth investing in. Let's make your brand stand out!

The Branding Premium pack is the package you need if you want to go all in. It is designed to help small businesses take their visual branding to the next level. Having a consistent and recognizable visual branding can be extremely beneficial in today's digital world where the competition is fierce and that's exactly what we will create together with this package!

"THANK YOU Sanne for your

great work and this great branding!

I'm more than in love..."


- AnniStyle


The Bright Side Story was founded out of a passion to help you as an entrepreneur with the most unique hand-drawn elements. In this fast-growing online world of entrepreneurs it's very important to stand out from all your competitors, choose your own path and to reach your target group in your own unique way. The Bright Side Story ensures that the appearance of your business visualize what you stand for as an entrepreneur and the way you want to reach your ideal clients. That's why the first stage of every request is focused on an extensive in-depth questionnaire so we've all the information about your key values, ideal client(s) and the way you want to approach your customers. This overview is a very important base for the hand-drawn elements you'll receive for your business.

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" Working with Sanne was a great pleasure from the beginning.

She guided me through the branding process in a very clear and professional way

and at the same time so sweet and personal. I love the style of her illustrations..."


- Deborah Pulverich Fotografie


A logo is just one piece of the puzzle

A logo is the most vital and recognizable element of a brand. It's a small, yet powerful graphic that represents your business and is meant to leave a long-lasting impression. A great logo should be authentic, memorable, and timeless, and it should effectively convey the message and values of your brand. Creating a simple logo that is not aligned with the business could lead to the lack of a clear message and the failure to effectively represent the brand. As a logo designer, my goal is to create a logo that accurately represents your business and that is aligned with the brand strategy and messaging.


A visual branding goes beyond that logo. It encompasses the whole aesthetic of your brand, including color schemes, typography, imagery and design elements. It creates a cohesive look and feel across all touchpoints and it helps to differentiate your brand and make it stand out from the competitionIn other words, a logo is the face of your brand, but visual branding is the personality. Together, they make a complete package that tells the story of your business and it's essential for the success of your brand. So, as a small business owner, it's important to have both a great logo and a solid visual branding strategy: your logo will help people to easily recognize your business, while your visual branding will create a strong, consistent image that resonates with your target audience.