Doodle packs

Add some more vibes to your visual branding!


What are doodles? 

Doodles are small illustrations which you can combine in every way. You can use them for your website, social media
or your brochures for example. They add a lot more vibes to your visual branding!

You can see 2 examples of doodle packs down below:

Important to know: each single element is a doodle, for example: this means that both the lines and the palm are single elements. 
If we do it this way we can make sure that you can combine literally everything together and get the most out of your package!


Packs and prices
It is possible to choose a doodle pack with 10, 15 or 20 doodles. I will use the existing brand colors for the doodles and you will
receive each element in every brand color. 


Amount of doodles Price
10 doodles € 150,-
15 doodles € 175,-
20 doodles € 200,-


Price is including:

• Questionnaire about the details of the doodles

• 3 moments for feedback for each element

• Receive all doodles in every color and the right files



Did you fell in love with this doodle pack? You can submit your request for one of the packages via: