1. Why do I get (at least) 2 logos in every package?

You get at least 2 logos (Starter Pack: 2 and Base and Premium Pack at least 4) because you can not add your primary logo on everything. Sometimes your primary logo is too large to add on a very small surface or is it just enough to put your text logo on it - as on formal documents. It's better to have some options so you can strengthen the sort of vibe you want to create.


2. What are brand marks?
Brand marks are small hand-drawn elements which are in line with your primair logo and strengthen the sort of vibe you want to create with your business.


3. What is the best way to submit a request for a branding pack?
You can fill in the contact form to submit your inquiry and to start with a beautiful branding. 
You will receive more information within 3 work days about the start of your branding project.


4. Are there additional costs for the branding packs? 

No, the price you see is the price you pay.


5. I am not feeling comfortable to speak English, can we replace the introduction call for something different?

Yes that's possible! I can imagine that's it is a bit exciting to inform someone in another language than you used to, so therefore it is also possible to get some more contact via email for all the questions we have. That is no problem!


6. How does it work with paying VAT within the European Union (EU)?
If you have your own VAT-number as entrepeneur in the European Union (EU) you do not need to pay the 21% VAT we usually ask for branding services in The Netherlands. If you do not have your own VAT-number yet, then I need to charge the 21% VAT. You can ask the 21% VAT back at the TAX-authorities within 5 years when you receive your own VAT-number. 


7. How does it work with paying VAT outside the European Union (EU)?

If you are an entrepreneur in a country which is not part of the European Union (EU) then - in most situations - we don't need to charge the 21% we normally charge for these branding services in The Netherlands. 

Other question(s)?

Do you have another question about the branding packs? You can always send me a DM on Instagram or fill in the contact form to send your question(s).