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Did we create a beautiful branding together? Then I would love to hear your experience with The Bright Side Story!

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Anni Style Photography
3 months ago

THANK YOU Sanne for your great work and this great branding! I'm more than in love and I think we or you have created something wonderful and special, that shows exactly what and how I am and how I want to appear with my business! I would book you again at any time and I'd recommend you to anyone who needs a new brand, that really shows what the business stands for!


Antoniya Stefanova Fotografie
4 months ago

I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Sanne! She created really beautiful images for my business and considered all of my wishes through the process. While working with Sanne on the branding I was also able to see my business in a whole new way and gain more focus and clarity. I love my new logo and all of the other business elements and I'm really happy to apply everything, it feels like a new exciting adventure! Thank you Sanne!

Deborah Pulverich Fotografie
6 months ago

Working with Sanne was a great pleasure from the beginning. She guided me through the branding process in a very clear and professional way and at the same time so sweet and personal. I love the style of her illustrations and how she's always finding unique elements that reflect the character of each brand. She really has a gift and you can tell how much heart and soul she puts into projects.
It was a great experience and I'm thrilled with my new logo that fits me so well. Thank you for everything, Sanne!

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